Video Gallery


We invite you to watch a selection of videos – three showcasing the Borgo today, another about its history and restoration, and a short film on the legendary horse race known as Palio di Siena.

The first video, Borgo Finocchieto: An Invitation, features a personal welcome from the Borgo’s owner and former US Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, highlighting all that the Borgo offers to create unforgettable, custom-tailored experiences for group gatherings of all kinds. (The video played automatically when you first opened the website. We include it here in the event you’d like to see it again at your leisure.)

An Introduction to the Borgo is a sweeping, panoramic view of the Borgo Finocchieto with a fitting musical accompaniment – a selection from the aria O Mio Babbino Caro from Puccini’s opera, Gianni Schicchi.

Revival of a Tuscan Village tells the story – at least eight centuries in the making – of how Borgo Finocchieto was transformed: from its origins as a farming village owned by wealthy Tuscan families and populated by sharecroppers; to a country retreat for a noble family; to a site once again housing sharecroppers and its more recent state of disuse and abandonment; and finally, to its current, brilliant restoration.

Borgo Overview – true to its title – is mostly shot from above the Borgo, providing lovely views of the Borgo, its grounds, gardens and views.

The Palio is a brief introduction to the pageantry and passion of the legendary Palio bareback horse race held twice a year (July 2 and August 16) in Siena’s public square, the Piazza del Campo.