Finocchieto is the name given to both the medieval village, or Borgo, and to the grand manor house whose foundations date to the fourteenth century. Recent renovations have taken the ancient building to a level of great modern comfort without compromising the original integrity of its design or the spirit of its old stone walls and rustic ceiling beams.

The Manor House contains nine elegant suites which can be previewed at the end of this page or by clicking here.

The Manor House also welcomes and serves guests with a series of extraordinary and enticing gathering places.


Manor House Courtyard

The Borgo’s ancient cobble-stoned courtyard serves as both pathway and destination. It is a stately entrance to the large wooden entry-door into the Manor House, to the extended archway and the garden path leading to the four other Villas, and up the stone steps to the adjoining lawn and views of the Tuscan hills. The courtyard is also a unique gathering place – for communal activities such as pre-dinner aperitivos and for quiet conversations on the comfortable wooden chairs and upholstered divans set against the courtyard walls.


A carefully curated library and comfortable reading room, complete with fireplace, provides the ambience for quiet moments or relaxing conversations.



A fully stocked bar in a vaulted, historic cantina next door to the wine tasting room is a favorite gathering place.


Manor House Living Room

Twenty or more guests often congregate to sing and share stories in the gracefully appointed living room that features a Yamaha grand piano and a large stone fireplace.


A state-of-the-art media room offers a large screen HD television and stunning surround sound system.

Media Room

Historic Steps

A steady stream of traffic spanning centuries has shaped grooves in the red bricks of the historic steps of the main staircase, one of the oldest parts of the Manor House.


The walls and ceiling of the formal dining room are painted in formal Sienese style, guided by decorative cues still present on the walls at the time of the recent restoration. Large, banquet style tables with intricate wooden inlay adjust to multiple configurations to accommodate up to forty-four guests at a sitting. A massive ancient fireplace warms the dining area.

Formal Dining Room

Family Dining Room

The elegant family dining room, with its traditional cove ceiling and fireplace, provides a cozy space for small groups of up to ten diners.


Two sets of French doors lead from the dining room to the outdoor dining terrace for a pleasant breakfast, informal lunch, or an elegant, evening supper with the perfect sunset view and lantern-lit ambiance. A decorative canopy can be extended over the space to provide shade or cover from a light rain.

Outdoor Dining Terrace

Our state-of-the-art kitchen is designed to prepare meals for groups of up to forty-four guests. Cooking lessons for up to fifteen guests are available in the kitchens in Fede Villa or Santa Teresa Villa.

Teaching Kitchen